Creative Digital Technology provides state of the art solutions for enterprise and government clients.
Here are some of our most noteworthy solutions.

eServices Platform for Australian Courts and Tribunals

eLodgementPie chart of eLodgment functionality
eLodgement is a web-based document lodgement system for Courts and Tribunals. It enables public users and members of the legal profession secure access to register; submit electronic documents; pay lodgement fees; and view submitted documents and their status. For the Court, eLodgement provides a case workflow service to enable submitted documents to be streamlined, validated, managed and processed.

eCourtroom provides an online forum for pre-trial matters for individual or linked cases. It facilitates discussions between parties and Judicial Officers involved in particular cases and supports the submission of informal supporting documents. eCourtroom can be integrated with eLodgement to provide the additional convenience of being able to lodge formal documents.

User Management System
The User Management component of the electronic court management system provides user registration, authentication, access levels and user profile management. The User Management system integrates with eLodgement and eCourtroom to provide a seamless single sign on for both registered public users and internal Court staff.

Scheduling System  
The Scheduling System is a calendar and timeline application, which enables Court staff to set up categories for rostering Court resources. The Scheduling System can be integrated with eLodgement to enable the setting up of sittings; the allocation of listings and Court resources to cases; and the definition of periods of unavailability to accommodate Court staff holidays or private appointments.

Document and Metadata Management
Documents lodged using eLodgement are managed using the metadata, which is associated with each document. This enables Court staff to easily identify and access documents related to a particular case. The system supports automated configuration of confidentiality settings and read-only access to documents based on user access level.
Electronic Document Management System - FileSphere

FileSphere is an electronic document, mail and file management system with a natural way of tagging, organising, sorting, retrieving, managing and sharing all types of electronic files. It enhances work practices by automating many of the key document management functions such as tagging and classification; check out and check in; version control; and the recording of document history.

FileSphere screenshot
AML/CTF Compliance Solutions - MemberCheck

MemberCheck is an online anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing service. This service, designed especially for financial institutions, aims to reduce their risk of being associated with money laundering and terrorist financial activities. It provides a facility, which enables the institutions to scan their individual or corporate membership/clients against Dow Jones’ specialist watchlists of politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctioned individuals and persons of special interest.

MemberCheck is offered as an online service to minimise implementation costs and ensure cost efficiency in complying with regulatory requirements.

MemberCheck screenshot
Digital Asset Management System

The Digital Asset Management System is a comprehensive Windows Explorer based file management system for all types of digital asset. Built on the FileSphere Information Management Platform, its central repository provides a single point of truth for individual assets that have multiple formats and/or versions. Simply applied business classification tags and native metadata, specific to each file type, allow users to quickly and easily view and retrieve files. There’s no lengthy waiting to open and view files, as the FileSphere preview pane supports previewing of most document and image types and the playing of audio and movie files.

Screenshot of digital assets
Record Management System

The Record Management System is a utility that enables the creation of packages that combine and create relationships between different formats of information in an open and standard format. This allows users to store, move and exchange related information held multiple formats in a secure and managed process. This system can be combined with CDT’s electronic document management system, FileSphere, to provide a complete document and record management system where users can easily access, store and exchange information without losing context and relationships of information.

FileSphere record screenshot
Payment Authentication Solutions

GPayments’ payment authentication solutions support the 3-D Secure XML-based protocol, which was designed to be an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. 3-D Secure was developed by Visa with the intention of improving the security of Internet payments and offered to customers as the Verified By Visa service. Services based on the 3-D Secure protocol have also been adopted by MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode®), JCB (JCB J/Secure®) and American Express (American Express SafeKey®).

The ActiveAccess multi-factor authentication platform provides payment authentication services for issuing banks, enterprises, government and third party application service providers. ActiveAccess provides two major payment authentication services – multi-factor authentication and 3-D secure authentication.

The ActiveMerchant multi-factor authentication platform is designed to provide payment authentication services for online merchants and service providers such as acquirers, Internet payment gateways and  third party processors.  ActiveMerchant provides two major authentication services – multi-factor authentication and 3-D secure authentication.

Verified by Visa payment authentication screenshot
Portable Device Management System - oneID

As tablets and smartphones become an integral part of the enterprise landscape, the challenge to maintain and manage these devices, whilst providing flexibility and security, becomes paramount.

IDSphere’s state of the art mobile device management for the enterprise provides help to meet this challenge. It allows organisations to wirelessly commission and decommission devices, manage software and configurations, monitor and enforce security as well as provide remote support.

mobile phones displaying oneID