Creative Digital Technology

Creative Digital Technology (CDT) is one of Australia’s most experienced Internet technology companies and has provided vision, inspiration and leadership since its inception in 1992. These key qualities have been recognised by industry, business and government alike, with the company being invited to participate on numerous panels, speak at forums and collaborate on various research projects.

CDT’s long history of pioneering and innovation in the fields of eCommerce, eServices, security, authentication and payment is illustrated by its achievement of a number of industry firsts.

Delivered the first website to an Internet Service Provider in Australia, before either Microsoft or Netscape had a web browser.

First in Australia to deliver an eCommerce solution (Lowes)

First in Australia to deliver 128 bit secure commerce

First in Australia to develop the ability to process online payments with multiple banks

First to eCommerce enable the NSW Government (Taronga Zoo)

First to develop and deploy a Multi-Payment Gateway (ANZ)

As the Neurocom Group’s service division, CDT draws on the expertise and individual specialisations of the Neurocom Group members, to provide best of breed custom developed solutions for clients across a broad range of industries.

Information management expertise is provided by FileSphere, which has developed an innovative knowledge and information management solution incorporating some of the latest information and Internet technologies.

In the financial and eCommerce sectors, the Group’s payment and authentication division, GPayments, provides solutions to banks, financial institutions, merchants and service providers globally. 

The Group’s security and risk management division, Member Check, provides a secure, comprehensive online compliance service for the superannuation industry in Australia.

The most recently established division, IDSphere, which has successfully launched its first mobile application for Android devices, provides expertise in mobile application development.

With this technological diversity, experience and its commitment to research and development, CDT maintains a stance as one of the technology industry’s leading innovators. While its thought leadership and innovation have been recognised and awarded, the real indication of the company’s success can be seen in the broad range of solutions.

Neurocom Group
The Neurocom Group, of which Creative Digital Technology is the founding
member, includes five of the most advanced technology companies in Australia:
GPayments is a world leader in the development of authentication and payment solutions for online transactions and provides products internationally for financial institutions (issuers and acquirers), payment service providers, online merchants and cardholders. Through GPayments' expertise the group is a member of the Federal Government's Identity Management & Authentication Consultancy Services Panel.  
GPayments logo
FileSphere is focused on global standards for RDF, OWL and Web Services and continues to develop market leading products for document and knowledge management. FileSphere products are based on Web Services technologies and the Microsoft .NET platform. The solution caters for small, medium and large enterprises intending to establish a flexible platform for the management of all types of electronic files.  FileSphere logo
Member Check
MemberCheck is a secure and comprehensive online compliance service which enables organisations to check their entire customer base, of individual or corporate clients, in an efficient and cost effective manner utilising the most detailed and accurate global list available today of Politically Exposed Persons, officially sanctioned individuals and persons of Special Interest.   MemberCheck logo 

NameScan offers on-the-spot reports for scans of person and organisation names to reporting entities for the purpose of Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance. The checks are against a comprehensive list of Politically Exposed Persons, their relatives and close associates, sanctioned individuals and entities and those involved in terrorism financing and money laundering. Try NameScan's Free PEP Check & Sanction Search now.