Creative Digital Technology is one of Australia’s most experienced Internet technology companies and has provided vision, inspiration and leadership since its inception in 1992. We value each of our clients and provide best of breed services to them, ranging from web application development to cyber security services.
Creative Digital Technology provides state of the art custom developed solutions for enterprise and government clients across a broad range of industries. All our solutions can be customised and mixed and matched to meet your organisation’s particular requirements. Read more to see some of our most noteworthy solutions.
CDT and Neurocom Group Awards
CDT and Group News

March 2016 - CDT adds a new security services arm, Cyberdefence Network. Committed to delivering security services of outstanding value, the Cyberdefence team uses a suite of assessment processes to capture and analyse vulnerabilities, deliver remediation strategies and create tangible improvements in an organisation's security posture, shifting the organisation from a soft target to a resilient and much harder target to attack, while creating the cyber security culture essential for the ongoing protection of the organisation. View Brochure.

March 2016 - MemberCheck launches a Pay-As-You-Go online AML Service, NameScan, which provides access to a low cost but high quality AML and PEP screening solution. Targeted at SMEs, that are required to “know their customers,” under AML legislation. NameScan allows users to swiftly vet their customers before they do business with them. users can scan the name of any individual or organisation, and receive an instant report and profile details of any matching names.

May 2014 - GPayments is the first in Australia to deliver authentication solutions supporting ProtectBuySM, the Diners Club International protocol for 3-D Secure authentication of online purchases.